June Workout – Shoulders & Arms

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13 Giant sets & 3 super sets for Shoulders & Arms

This is a typical pre-contest pump session.

With this, there is only one goal with training – clarify the muscle and stay injury free.

To create clarity between muscle groups, a specific type of work is needed.

No, I’m not talking necessarily about the bro-science ‘high reps/squeezing bullshit’ – I’m talking about concepts such as Integration and Density.

I perform movements on their own that are body part specific – Presses, curls, extensions. But I also perform movements that are integrated and blend body parts together to work as a cohesive unit. These type of movements have a particular refining effect on the body and induce a different type of pump.

Normally, I shoot for a deep, aching 8/10 pump that lingers for minutes after a set and after a session.

In a session like this, the aim is for a superficial painful, skin-splitting 10/10 pump that flushes away within seconds after I dump the weight.

Here’s what you’re going to do..

Close Grip Muscle Clean & Press – Warmed up in sets of 8-15 reps for 3-4 sets. Once I hit a top weight for 8 reps, the first giant set began.

Giant set 1 (video) – 4 rounds

Close Grip Muscle Clean & Press – 6-8 reps. Explosive

Dumbbell Overhead Side LateralsAlternating Grips – switching between leading the raise with the thumb and the pinkie on each rep creates different nerve innervation of the delts. – 10-12 reps. Form got pretty loose by the end.

Pronated Curl/Pullover/French Press – 8-10 reps

Supinated Curl/Pullover/French Press – 8-10 reps

The last two movements are examples of the concept of Integration. You can literally see my front delt/bicep tie-in tighten up as I perform this movement – not because of the pump which was already enormous, but because of the movement.

Giant set 2 – 4 rounds

Smith Machine Super – Wide Behind Neck Press

Dumbbell Side Laterals explosive with a pause and forward lean at the peak

Dumbbell Single Arm Alternating Curlwith shoulder flexion at peak contraction

10-15 reps of each movement

Giant set 3 – 5 rounds

Zottman Curl – 10 reps each arm

Close Grip Barbell Bicep Curl – performed with a forward lean, curling towards chin – 10 reps

Wide Pronated Bicep Curl – 10 reps

Diamond Pushups – Over Face – Max reps with bodyweight

Dumbbell Tricep Overhead Extension – top 1/2 lockouts only

Superset – 3 rounds

Top 1/2 Cable Curlsfast, pumpy reps – 20-25 reps

Bent Over Cable Overhead Extensions – with a mid set intra-set stretch every 10 reps – 30 reps

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