Online Coaching

I work with clients globally from a variety of backgrounds – coaches, bodybuilders and physique athletes, strength athletes, those looking for improved sports performance or athletic ability and everyday recreational lifters.

I only ask that you are open minded, willing to learn and driven for success.

My coaching ethos is centred around education and personal development. I work alongside my clients – helping to build their skill set and knowledge base through detailed programming and direction.

Instead of imposing strict, rigid orders with no explanation or education, I prefer to impart my knowledge and open up my analytical approach for discussion.

My goal is to teach you how to be analytical, think for yourself and be self-directed with your training, nutrition, supplementation and health. To do this, I will guide you through my processes as they apply to your situation.

All coaching packages include:

– Training Programming – Not just sets, reps and tempos – Included are my specific cues for optimal workout execution – You’ll understand when to push, when to hold back and exactly how you should be feeling within each workout – along with the logic behind each training session.

– Nutrition & Supplementation Programming – periodised to work synergistically with your training program to maximise results

– Regular check ins – at intervals dependent on phase. Some clients require daily or weekly – others, fortnightly or monthly.

– Unlimited email support

– Access to private forum – connect with other clients and like-minded coaches to further expand your knowledge

Currently Not Accepting Clients

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Packages – All Prices in AUD

6 Months Upfront
– $3000

12 Months Upfront
– $5500
Monthly (6 Month Minimum) – $515

In Person Training

I am available for in person consultations, assessments and training sessions within Melbourne, Australia.

Sessions may include any or all of the following –

Movement assessment to troubleshoot and provide solutions for problem areas for long term training.

Body part specific training – to improve neuromuscular efficiency to lagging body parts.

Training sessions tailored to your individual biomechanics and goals.

Sessions can be split between up to 2 people.
Due to limited availabilities, please allow up to 3 weeks to schedule in your session.

In Person Training
-$400 AUD
Email to Book

Skype Consultations

Available for consultations covering anything training, nutrition and supplementation program design. Come prepared with specific questions pertaining to yours or your client’s case studies.

Skype Consultation – 90 minutes
-$400 AUD
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