September Workout – Upper Chest

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Despite all the fancy things you can do with bands, chains, machines or whatever else you can think of – sometimes the best way to alter a movement is partner assisted work. The biggest benefit comes from being able to alter the load throughout the range of motion on any rep, instead of being confined to whatever load the movement dictates – which creates a very unique contraction.

Anyway, on these I’m gradually increasing resistance as Adam reaches the peak contraction – which is where the load would normally decrease based on the mechanics of the fly. I’m also emphasising the stretched position as he warms into the movement for an extra fascia stretch.

Here’s how it looks programmed into a session that’s focused on the upper chest.

Omni Grip Barbell Incline – Switch between a shoulder width grip, using only the top 2/3 range of motion (shortened position emphasis), and a grip as wide as your wrist flexibility will allow, using a full range of motion (lengthened position emphasis). Perform 4 sets, pyramiding the weight up and working down in reps – start with 8 (each grip), then 5, then 4 – then on your last set use only the wide grip and go to failure, using the same weight as set 3. 4 total work sets

Low Incline Neutral Dumbbell Press – Use a super low incline – I would really just get a flat bench and elevate the head-side under a plate or two – This angle will help you place emphasis through the serratus and outer pec. Pause at the stretched position and press up to a non lock. Do 3 sets of 12. 3 total work sets

 Incline Short Fly – Manual Resistance – Raise the bench up a bit more to around 30 degrees – just below 45 degrees. Perform sets of 10 with manual resistance, followed by a forced stretch as shown in the video. Do 4 sets here, adding weight on each set. 4 total work sets

 Machine Fly – Perform 3 faster, short reps focusing just on the contraction and squeezing your chest as hard as possible. Then, perform 1 full range, slow repetition. Repeat this cycle 4-5 times for a total of 12-15 reps. 3 sets here. 3 total work sets