Quads & Calves

In Monthly Workouts, Training by Eugene Teo

Pre Workout Activations
  1. Seated Calf Raise – 5 second pause in bottom position
  2. Lying Leg Curl
  3. Rec Fem Activations
  • Throughout all compound exercises, perform sets of 10 on Leg Press Calf Raises, staggered throughout the entire session.
A1. Heels Elevated Back Squat – Work up to a hard 5, then maintain this weight for 5 total sets, decreasing reps as needed to maintain perfect form, aiming to stick between 3-5 reps. 120 seconds between sets
B1. Leg Press – Feet High/Wide (Vertical Leg Press) – 3 sets of 15-20 reps – fast, pumpy reps with an even cadence. 90 seconds between sets
C1. Barbell Lunge – 2 sets of 12 with regular reps, 2 sets of 8 1 1/4 reps, emphasising bottom 1/4. 60 seconds between LEGS
Giant Set for Calves – 3 rounds, minimal rest between rounds
D1. Standing Calf Raise – Load up, stay within 8-10 reps with a challenging weight, allow ROM to decrease slightly, but maintain slow, controlled tempo.
D2. Seated Calf Raise – controlled and smooth for 8-10 reps with an emphasis on end ranges – pausing in the bottom and top position and ensuring full ROM.
D3. Donkey Calf Raise – Sets of 50+. Pump it out fast and stagger back to the start again.