I hate cookie cutter programs. As a private coach, I pride myself on providing fully customised programming, that is perfectly suited to my client’s needs – with exercise selection, execution cues, sets, reps, tempo and intensities all being tailored for that exact individual.

However, realistically not everyone who wants to work with me will get to work with me. So as a compromise, I’ve put together some more ‘generic’ programming for the masses.

These programs will serve you well to not only teach you the finer details to training and program design, but to give you some fantastic stimuli for hypertrophy. While it is not perfectly designed for you, I have set up the programming in a way that will be flexible enough for all to apply successfully and reap benefits.

All program purchases come with email communications directly with myself to help tailor any specific sections of the program to your requirements.

Introduction to Innervation – $97

2 Phase program – 4 weeks total

This program was written as an introduction to some of my more advanced lifting and programming techniques.

This program is about creating and enhancing neural pathways – the first step to creating skin-splitting pumps and bringing up lagging body parts. I’ll show you my protocols to enhance your ability to recruit and stimulate the more stubborn fibres of all muscle groups.

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