Level 1 Internship

In Education by Eugene Teo

Level 1 Internship

Join me for a 2 day training seminar on all things muscle building, fat loss, optimal health and bodybuilding. This course is for both coaches and athletes who are looking to further their knowledge and understand how to build muscle and burn fat – fast.

This is a practical and lecture based course. I’ll share with you all the fundamental nutritional and supplementation protocols, along with the training techniques I use on myself and clients for maximum results.

You’ll experience first hand how I develop my training programs and integrate them in conjunction with diet and supplementation.

You’ll walk away with not just the knowledge, but the clarity on how to troubleshoot and apply the teachings into your own training.

Topics Covered
Gut Health & Digestion
Sympathetic Dominance, Inflammation & Stress
Nutrition Programming
Biomechanics & Functional Anatomy (Practical)
Periodisation & Program Design
Advanced Supplementation & Lifestyle Strategies
Training Programming (Practical)
Practical Applications