July Workout – Quads

In Monthly Workouts by Eugene Teo

Here’s a seriously challenging lower body session, well suited for pre contest.

It combines a variety of techniques to cover all bases for hypertrophy.

A heavy stimulus to start off the workout fires the HTMUs, whilst pairing it in a sequence allows for a greater time under tension and less overall load to be used – which would fatigue the CNS excessively.

Following off from this primary work there is a strong focus on creating muscle trauma and cellular swelling with high intensity techniques and timed sets for blood volume.

A session of this nature would be well suited once out of every 3 lower body workouts


Start with 5 rounds of

A1. Heels Elevated Back Squats – sets of 4-6 – 50X0 tempo

*60 seconds rest*

A2. Paused Pendulum Squat or Hack Squat – sets of 8-10 – 3110 tempo
*120 seconds rest, then back to A1*

B1. Bulgarian Split Squats – 4 sets of 10-12 – 2010 – triple drop set final set

C1. Leg Extensions – 4 sets of 20 – varying intensifiers. Set 1 & 2 – forced reps, slow eccentrics. Set 3 & 4 – 10 second forced isoholds.

D1. Duck Lunges – set the timer for 2 minutes and crank out as many reps as possible.