Hypertrophy Coach Seminar

Join Joe Bennett & Eugene Teo for a detailed seminar on coaching, training and programming.

The seminar is for anyone looking to expand their knowledge as a coach – whether it’s as a Professional within the industry, or to ‘coach’ yourself in the gym.

You will walk away with a framework and the knowledge on how to best approach your training, the thought processes behind exercise selection and program design, and understanding all the ‘why’s behind training and the Art of Coaching.

The seminar will be split into 2 parts

The “Why” of Training

– Why this is the absolute first step for yourself and as a coach. The place for emotion in the fitness world
– Removing emotion from the tools of training
– How to view/sort/place information
– Recognising/addressing/owning our personal biases
– How to determine what/how to put information into action with clients/self (what’s appropriate)
– Why you’re not ready to battle (maybe you never should be)
– Communication, manage expectations, (read, writer, speak publicly- now more than ever, take time/care with what, and how you say it)

Common Errors and Solutions to Training & Programming

– The biggest Execution mistakes, and how they’re hindering your progress
– Progressive Overload – how to manipulate it BEYOND load, reps and sets.
– Exercise Selection – How to intelligently decide the best movements for your personal structure, goals and limitations.

Open Q & A


August 31, 2018
Location – Amped Fitness, St Petersburg, FL
Price – $50

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