May Workout – Chest & Shoulders

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17 super sets for Chest, 8 sets for Shoulders
This session was designed with one goal – drive as much blood into the upper pecs, front and medial delts as humanly possible. I perform this style of session pre contest – this one specifically was performed 7 weeks out out contest. The density is enormous and allows me to keep my volume high and places a heavy emphasis on conditioning, while still prioritising strength and power output.

We begin with some explosive work to innervate the HTMUs and continue with a lot of volume to drive a lot of blood into the working muscles. We cover concepts of integration and intelligent pairings of movements to maximise innervation and creating the specific pump in these regions.

Let’s get started

— Begin with some Incline Presses – I opt for a Smith Machine to really allow you to lock in and drive hard and explosively – a standard free bar is fine though.

Do a few warm up sets of 10-12 incrementing in weight.

We’re going for a weight that is challenging for 8 reps – but you should easily have 4-5 more reps left in the tank on your first work set. Focus on lifting explosively and getting a hard lockout on each rep. You should not slow down at all on any repetitions.

Once you’ve reached that ‘challenging’ 8, the workout begins.

— Start pairing the Incline Presses with Chest Dips. You’ll be aiming for sets of 8 on each set of Incline Press and prepping out completely with bodyweight on the dips. Keep your torso angle fixed and get a deep stretch on the dips – you should feel this right from your sternum to the lower insertions of your front delts.

Perform 4 sets of max reps on both exercises. Rest long enough so you can maintain explosiveness and speed on the Incline Press – Once you start to grind, stop the set and move onto the dips. Your loading should be just enough for you to still manage 8 reps by the last set – but instead of having 4-5 reps left in the tank that will be a hard 8. 4 total super sets

— Next, we’re going to continue with the Incline Presses and switch the Chest Dips for Incline Short Flys

Emphasise the stretch portion of the lift, maintaining a 2 second pause in the stretched position.

4 supersets of max reps on the Incline Press and 12-15 reps on the Incline Short Flys

On your last set of the Incline Presses, perform a drop set and add in 10-bottom-partial reps at the end of your set. 4 total super sets

— On our next pair we’re going to continue with the Incline Short Flys and pair this with Flat Guillotine Presses. 5 supersets of 12-15 reps each – keep the pace fast on both movements – you should have a gargantuan pump by now and
your shoulders should be extremely warm – capitalise on this and get a deep stretch on the Flat Presses. 5 total super sets

— Finish with some cables. Bent Cable Crossovers paired with Upright Most Muscular Cable Crossovers you really won’t need much weight here – 10-15 reps of each for 4 sets and your chest will be toasted. 4 total super sets

Your shoulders will be extremely warm by now. Let’s obliterate them.

Wide Grip Smith Machine Behind the Neck Press – Take a grip as wide as your wrists will allow. Super wide. The wider you go, the more of a stretch you’ll get through the the delts and the upper chest. Keep the tempo slow about a 4 second negative, 2 second pause and a squeezing press on the way up. 3 sets of 12

Dumbbell Side Laterals – Grab a pair of light dumbbells and rep out. Raise them right out to your sides, not allowing any forward deviation. Keep your form strict. 5 sets of 10 full range reps plus 20 bottom half partials.

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