August Workout – Shoulders

In Monthly Workouts by Eugene Teo

Given the complexity of the shoulder joint, it’s necessary to step outside of the traditional front, side and rear raises for optimal growth and functional strength. The reason gymnasts have some of the most well developed, 3D-delts is directly due to the wide variety of articulations they take the shoulder joint through – and the ridiculous amount of volume.

Enjoy this giant set focusing on slapping meat through the posterior heads of the delt.

A1. Cable Rear Delt Fly – Sets of 12-15 – take each set to complete partial failure.
A2. Dumbbell Rear Delt Swing – Sets of 30 – swing fast.
A3. Dumbbell Butterfly Laterals – Sets of 8-10 – slow tempo (see video)
A4. Incline Prone Wide Grip Barbell Front Raise – Sets of 8-10 – slow tempo
A5. Dumbbell Overhead Press – Sets of 8-10 – 5 second eccentric, non-lockout reps

5 rounds will do it.

The first and last movements you should be familiar with. For A2, grab a heavy-ass pair of weights. Guys – somewhere around 30kg. Ladies, somewhere round 15-20kg. Lie face down on an incline bench, lock the elbows and swing the dumbbells like a pendulum in the bottom 1/3 ROM of a side raise. Along with the basic contraction of the movement, the shoulders will be firing like mad to keep you from dislocating your shoulders. That’s important.

A4 is a seriously humbling movement. Same bench set up, grab a light barbell with a wide grip. Try to stay within the ROM that keeps tension on the muscle – don’t drop the barbell below perpendicular to the ground. The grip and angle will scorch your entire upper back complex.